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Unspoken Words
An outstretched hand reaches for his hand
Words left unsaid pulls them apart, all she wanted was three little words
He turns in time to see tears being shed
She wants him to know how she feels, screams break free
Hatred spills from her lips, anger overflowing, hearts breaking
Broken dreams and shattered hearts
Once was happy now such dread, the couple parts
He was wanting to share his life with her, a stable career with a loving family
She was wanting him to love her and be with her, show his feelings
Two different things that words could have changed
What would have happened if they had exposed their minds
Never knowing what the future will hold for them
Their destiny torn apart by unspoken words and their lives turned to be tested by fate.
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 0
Love's Game
Heart overflowing
Mind going in circles
Cupids cruel trick
Its called shot of love
Soaring through cloud nine
crashing down without your wings
The lover leaves and you become broken
An angel with scars and blood as reminders
Love's cruel trick
Begging and pleading for another chance
Dignity lost and hope going strong
Another wish to be held tight
Long forgotten never missed
Lover's game, a cruel fated twist
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 1 0
Black Abyss by KitKatAngel Black Abyss :iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 1 0
New Dream
I used to hope and dream about the future me,
          I still hope and dream about my future.
But now I dream of something new
A different career, a new life in which I'll lead
Different look and different hopes
          creates a brand new dream for me
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 0
Dark Day
Hold her close
the breath is fading
life slips away
no more dreams
no more smile
no more love
Dreams are crushed and hearts are broken
Sadness rings on a dark day
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 1 0
Fading Memories
Fading Light, fading Soul
and fading life
Never to breath again
Shadows vanish
Creatures cry
Never to see the person again
Wolves howl
Birds caw
Bats fly
Rain falls
Death has come
it has knocked again,
leaving a body behind
No soul
No breath,
no life
An empty shell laying helpless
tears fall and lots of people cry,
missing the one who mattered most,
in their small world
A last hug and a last kiss
Never forgotten until the last breath
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 2 0
Personal Love Story
We all have one, be it good or bad
Treasuring the memories, wanting them to repeat
A loving kiss and a tender hug sets us soaring
It's a personal love story
We all act differently
whats to say that love is not different in others eyes
Turning of a page, a big question, the answer is yes
Wedding bells and a new car smell
A child in the picture of the love story
seems to start off a whole new beginning even when its the end of one story
It's still a love story
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 1
Learning to trust and learning to love
We all learn a lot during the years
The one thing we always know is when we are in love with someone
We all get confused but somehow the right path always shows
Always a forked path that sometimes both leads the wrong way
We all make mistakes because we all decide
what to hear, where to go, who to believe, and more often the ones who lie and fool us with tricks
We live and learn but always get back up
Urge to fight and stand up for what we believe
Almost all makes us human and we live with our faults
So why is it that some are worse then others, we are all the same
We love,hurt,bleed, scream in pain and cry.
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 1 1
Sick of drama
Sick of pain, being betrayed
Life is suppose to be good, never this lame
High school is such a thrill ride lots of ups and downs
Silly shoes
Lots of lies
Friends and guys
Lots of highs and lows
Freshmen to Senior year
Low and behold
Its the big day, the graduate class of 2010
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 1 0
True loves kiss, happy ending
This is no fairy tale
It's real life
Fake people, lots of lies
You don't know who to believe
One person, all your trust
Shattered dreams and a broken heart
We were together but now we're apart
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 2 0
Friends to Family
Crazy nights and lots of crazy fights
It seems like we've been through it all
Years to come
Tears to cry
Life for us has only began to start
We've grown closer
Honest friends, true as family
We're in it to win it
Won't ever give up or give in
We won't stop until our last breath
Sisters to the end
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 0
The End
Take it day by day
Night by Night
Until the time
When we meet each others eyes
Warm smile and gentle kiss
Knowing we've been missing this
Long distance, late night calls
You'll be there if I fall
We've got each others back
Best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend
We'll be true until the end.
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 0
The Big Day
The day you asked was the day that my heart skipped and a smile plagued my face
Looking up at the full moon to hide the surprise that was in my eyes
I knew what my answer would be but I just could not face the fact
I was about to answer the one question that would change my life
But I knew from the start you were not like the others
I knew in my heart that I would be the one you asked
What was once three little words turned to four and my answer was only one word
I knew that it would either make your day or break your heart
Taking a deep breath I look back to you and nod my head
The only words I could form as my hands go around your neck
"Yes my dear yes."
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 1
Butterflies and Clouds
Feelings like butterflies and being high up in the clouds
Three little words that have such a big meaning, brings the dream into reality
Easily trusted
Easily hurt
Trusting them not to hurt you
Hug and a kiss crushes the fear
The day I say I do is the day that I know I truly belong to you
"I love you."
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 1
One small giggle
A gentle hand
A being that is resulted from two people becoming one
Short growing hair that is a mix of the male and female
A little girl is their blessing
A gift both enjoy every day, never letting anything come between this little family of you,me,and Cami.
:iconkitkatangel:KitKatAngel 0 1


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It can be so tragic but so full of wonder...there has been many a tragedy in my life since I have started my account...I have graduated high school and started college all in the process. I plan on writing a lot more even if it doesn't qualify as poetry and is just free verse or just a lot of random thoughts that stand to be emotional to me. I have been writing novels in my little spare time instead of trying to do poetry which I'm not even sure I ever really did, I just put words on paper and put a name to it..sometimes it rhymed and other times it did not. However, there are a lot of little books in my room that are filled with these words on pages and pages, maybe if I feel up to it one day I might submit them, who knows?

I'm not sure if I really have followers anymore or not, but maybe I am doing this more for myself than for others, I have heard that if I write myself letters so to say and look back on them it will give me some reflection on who I used to be. I guess I am a pleasant person despite what life has thrown my way, I have met many pleasant and wonderful people on my journey and I guess I wouldn't change a thing after all.

Have a good evening everyone!
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United States
Current Residence: Kentucky
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite photographer: Bill Atkinson
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MP3 player of choice: ipod
Personal Quote: Like me or not, I am who I am, that will never change


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